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The Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS)

A standardised and universal protocol for Retail Industry to fulfill the shoppers wish basket using smart contract to execute a better outcome across channels, geographies and demographics.

About Us

Reckoon is shaping the future of the retail industry by providing
Blockchain & AI enabled Global Shopping Platform as a Service.

At the core of our End-to-End shopping ecosystem is the
Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS),providing standardised and universal way to fulfill the shoppers WishBasket. This gives the retailer a deeper insight into the intent of the shopper and  will facilitate inter-retailer collaboration for a better outcome for both retailers and shoppers . Retailers/brands will be able to integrate GloWS Protocol with their supply chain via APIs.

Reckoon implements a Progressive Personalisation approach based on AI & ML.Making it easier for the shoppers to provide the required information at the right time for the right reasons. It is combining the best of both online and in-store to leverage the social power of online with instant-gratification of physical shopping experience.

Our aim is to simplify and integrate the blockchain advantage into mainstream retail industry.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world in which online and in-store shopping don’t compete against each other, but rather encourage each other. This will be driven by an understanding of shoppers’ intent and creating the best possible experience for shoppers and better outcome for retailers.
We are on a mission to bring out the uniqueness of every town and city around the world via shopping, allowing global and local brands to work in symbiotic relationship. All of this will provide a wider and richer shopping experience to shoppers. 


Reckoon Ecosystem

Shopper’s Benefits

 A personalized shopping experience
 Deals based on wish basket.
 A global, one-stop-shopping platform
 Connecting in-store and online shopping
 Brand ambassadors
 Cloud receipts
 Single sign on for shopping
 Full control over personal data

Retailer/Brand Benefits

 increase market reach and customers
 Improve customer satisfaction
 Increase customer  retention
 Improve loyalty 
 Improve trust & transparency
 Low TCO and advanced technologies
 AI Dashboard and Analytics  

Shopping malls/Market places

 Improve in-store shopping
 Support in digitalization
 Improve market for local goods. 


Product Features

Reckoon provides Blockchain & AI based Global Shopping Platform as a Service to retailers. 
This will improve brand authenticity, sustainability and improved customer experience. 
Reckoon helps the retailer focus on the things that they do best while taking care of end-to-end technology,  

01. Hyper-Local & Global

Global Brands get Hyper-Local Exposure & Local Brands get Global Reach 

03. Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol 

Blockchain & AI based protocol providing marketing, loyalty, payments, insights to retailers, brands & popups 


02. Simplify & Reward

Simplifying & Rewarding shopping journey focusing on GenZ & Millennials 

04. Global Shopping Currency 

Use our ‘reckoolings’ all over the world 

Product Usecase

Reckoon Shopping Ecosystem - Shopper's  journey


Technology Overview

The adoption of Blockchain within the e-commerce industry is imminent and will ensure a multi-functional approach to solving industry problems.
Core of the Reckoon is a Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol (GloWS) which provides the standardised and universal ways to fulfill the shoppers wish basket. Addition to Blockchain Reckoon uses AI, ML, AR/VR and Data sciences to complete the shopping ecosystem platform.


Token Economy


Total ROOK tokens


ROOK for Public/Private sale


ROOK available for sale in Phase 1 


IEO Exchanges

IEO Phase 1



          Round 1   10 Mar 2020 -  23 Mar 2020    30% Bonus
         Round 2  24 Mar 2020 - 06 Apr 2020     20% Bonus



 Round 1      10 Mar 2020 - 23 Mar 2020    30% Bonus
Round 2     24 Mar 2020 - 06 Apr 2020    20% Bonus


Technology evangelist with deep passion for innovation and possess over twenty years of strong experience in technology solutions and digitalisation. He has been actively engaged in advising and consulting UK  Finance/Fintech industry, retail banking including Lloyds Bank , Nationwide Bank from more than a decade.

Priyavrat holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Business Management. He likes simplifying solutions for complex problems. Priyavrat is known for his creative and strong visionary skills who brings energy, reason, and leadership to all aspects of his engagements. 

Nili is an 18 years veteran in the data and technology and known for strategizing true business value of data. She is an ex IBMer, UK as well as provided thought leadership in a humanitarian sector for data collaborations for UN’s sustainable development goals.
She has been a member of senior leadership team and has been responsible for  Strategy, Governance and Analytics. Her strength is identifying opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement. She has been a public speaker in European and international summits. Addition to her computer engineering background, Nili has undertaken Blockchain strategy program from Oxford Said Business School.

Rishipalsingh is an entrepreneur and has an extensive background in Business & Project Development, Finance & Investment Management and Technology Consulting in IT & Energy sector. He  is the founder of SaveGeo Energy and has eighteen plus years of diverse experience in multifarious portfolios in the IT, renewable and conventional energy sector. He was profoundly serving in sr. consulting roles with prestigious organizations such as Infosys Technologies and HCL Perot.
Rishi holds Bachelor in Electronic Engineering and Master’s degree in Automation & Robotics Engineering. 

Paul co-founded one of the UK's first experiential marketing agencies, iD ( in 1994. iD is a multi-award winning agency whose enduring success has been driven by its ability to continually innovate and lead experiential communications in the UK.

In 2003, he co-founded Brandspace ( which revolutionized the way brands accessed & bought media in major destinations such as airports and malls. Brandspace was sold to a private equity backed group in 2008. 

Simon is an entrepreneur with a stellar track record in founding pioneering global digital businesses. Simon has founded and built build numerous successful businesses including,, TMN Plc, which was listed on AIM in 2000 and has a market capitalization in excess of £100M and StrikeAd. Simon has launched K1T Capital, and most recently North Block Capital an asset manager investing in Blockchain and crypto assets. Simon has extensive international board-level expertise, vast experience in M&A and was a winner in the finals of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

Charlie is a fifteen-year ad tech veteran with deep experience in the European and Silicon Valley tech ecosystem. Before founding North Block Capital, Charlie was responsible for leading global Business Development for, he grew their revenue from $0 - $100M before being acquired by a private equity firm. Charlie acts as a Board Advisor for several technology start-ups.

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